Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Moving on...

Hello Friends! Last time I wrote it was a very difficult time. Thanks to everyone who contacted me and showed me so much support after losing my muse and best furry friend. We still miss her but as the expression goes "life goes on"... and so it does.

Things have been quite busy over this last year. Since starting the role as Art Director at Fox River Academy of Music and Art last summer, I have done a real push in marketing and we have seen quite an increase in participation! I'm so proud to be a part of a facility that brings unique art education to kids and adults in the area. This past year my Manga and Comic workshops have been very popular as well as traditional drawing. All of the instructors have been doing great.  We have some really fun and exciting summer camps to offer this year as well! If you are interested please check out the upcoming schedule: Summer Camps and Workshops.

Clever Student Sketchbook Covers

I'm also happy to report that our sketchbook club was a huge success! We had 20 participants ranging in ages from 8 to 18 and beyond! Every student brought a unique style and voice to their project. It was a great experience and I look forward to offering it again next year.  Check out our Facebook Album with student work!

I also decided to do a sketchbook of my own. Considering the past year and losing my sweet muse, Mattie, I chose the theme "connections" and dedicated my book to her. I depicted a collection of moments we shared together capturing the things we loved to do, things she loved, and the journey we took together. It was a wonderful experience. If you are interested in hearing me talk about my process check out my very first LIVE FEED VIDEO that I did on Facebook a week ago! You can also check out the book in it's entirety on my Instagram Feed and in this Facebook album: The Sketchbook Project 2018.

I have been lucky enough to do a few custom pieces this past year as well. These were really fun and rewarding to do. Taking on a personal project for someone is a special experience.  Both were very different and unique.

As much as I enjoy doing these commisions during the next year I plan on solely concentrating on continuing to build my Keller Kiddo Designs line of art prints. I am looking forward to building these collections and adding more! In the meantime, be sure to check out the current work I have available especially since I have a Mother's Day Special going on and I am offering 20% off all of my prints on ETSY! This offer ends on May 13th so be sure to partake before it's too late!

These past 10 months have been a whirlwind and I can't believe I've been silent on this blog since August! However, things are starting to move along and we now have a NEW MUSE in the house... so look for artwork based our our new addition, Bolt, the rapscallion Border Collie Pup... and our adventures with him.

Monday, August 21, 2017

Goodbye Sweet Muse...

My apologies... I seem to have let my blog slip by during the spring and summer months. It's been a very busy season including teaching many art workshops, summer camps, and being promoted to the Art Director at Fox River Academy. As far as my work is going I have been full steam ahead.

"Tennis Ball!", Mixed Media, 2006

However the month of July took my breath away. My beautiful, sweet, smart, and loyal muse, Mattie the Border Collie, crossed over the rainbow bridge after giving me 13 years of joy (I had adopted her when she was only one year old).  Many of you knew her personally and others of you felt like you knew her from my work. Starting with my first Spring Show at the Academy of Art to being the main character in my thesis, Mattie was not only a fixture in my life but the inspiration for countless works of art. There is really something special about drawing someone you love.  It is a way to get to know them in a whole different way. I have put together a small collection of sketches and work inspired by Mattie on my Facebook Page called Mattie the Muse.

A Day in the Life, Graphite, 2008
Piece from "Marvelous Adventures of Mattie" Concepts for Children's Book Series,
Acrylic and Mixed Media, 2009

I wrote about our journey together on my personal Facebook Page and I cannot think of any other words that could capture our relationship.  I have been told I should publish this piece of writing so I will share it with you as well.  Hopefully it might help you to get to know her better, understand our life together, and if you have ever lost a pet, maybe it will let you know that you are not alone.  They are truly family members and we feel a great loss when they leave our world.  Thank you for letting me share her with you.

Brainy Border Collie, Pen & Ink and Watercolor, 2008

Puppy Hugs, Acrylic and Mixed Media, 2008

On July 11, 2004, my life changed forever.  My life changed for the better. I was forced to grow up and be responsible for someone other than myself.  In return, I would go on adventures, receive tons of love, and never be alone. On July 11, 2004, I drove up to rural Wisconsin and picked up a one year old rescued Border Collie. I took home my Mattie.

For thirteen years you were a fixture in my life. For the first year and a half you were my sidekick and co-worker in Chicago. You led the pack while I ran my dog walking business, taking charge, making friends, and fetching that ball. You swam in Lake Michigan and romped in the Cook County Forest Preserves with your Doggy Grandma and Grandpa. You were full of life and gave me a reason to get outside every single day.  The only person you didn’t bark at when they came into our apartment was my future husband. You showed me the path before I knew what it was going to be.

For eight years you were by my side in California. We could go anywhere. Hiking in the redwoods, dipping our toes in the ocean, swimming in the bay, climbing to heights above the world looking down on the entire bay area. We crossed the Golden Gate Bridge and ran on the beach in Marin.  We even went to doggy friendly wineries and romped in the snow at the Sierras at Lake Tahoe.  We walked on the white sands of Carmel and drove down highway one taking in the intoxicating salty smell of the ocean. We made friends at parks and trails everywhere – Alameda, San Francisco, Berkeley, Oakland, Emeryville, San Jose, Palo Alto, Campbell, Santa Cruz, Los Gatos…  It was a dog paradise. It was our paradise.

I probably wouldn’t have seen the light of day during graduate school without you. You got me out of my tiny apartment and kept me healthy. You made me soak in the sun and made me soaked in the rain. You gave me oxygen. You were my muse, the main subject in my artwork and main character in my thesis. At the moments I thought about quitting, when it got so hard, Dave would say to me, “But what about your Mattie stories?” and I knew I had to keep going. Because you had a story to tell and I needed to tell it.

You were there for my wedding…if only in spirit I kept your old tag in my purse with me so you could be there for this momentous occasion. You went with us on our honeymoon in Tahoe.  We romped in snowdrifts and made snow angels together. You warmed your sweet paws by the fire with my new amazing husband. We were officially a family.

You became not only a fixture in my life, but also the lives of my family. You lived with my parents in Chicago while I moved across the country and became a little spitfire grand doggy, going on adventures in the forest preserves with their own lovable Golden Retriever, Nike.  You lived with us at my in-laws house with their enthusiastic dachshunds, Bart and Lisa, for at least 2 years and every trip Dave and I took in-between.  You warmed Larry’s feet and were very vocal if he wanted to move them. You joined Trina on her morning walks with the ladies… to the point where she had to put her tennis shoes on in secret otherwise you’d bark at her until she took you with her or made a mad dash out of the house if you couldn’t come. You became buddies with Auntie Suz and your cousin pup, Atley.  You showed him the ropes in Palo Alto. Sharing adventures at Bol Park, the local dog park, and barking at passersby in the backyard at Che’ Lovercheck…helping to create the place we fondly call “Speakers Corner.”

And then our family grew to four. At the moment I left to go to the hospital to give birth to my amazing daughter Emily, I looked you in the eye and told you “Don’t worry, you’ll always be my first baby,” and I meant it.  You became Emmy’s nana, always by her side. Her protector, her second mama, her motivation to sit up, roll, and walk. Later in life, you became her buddy and as Emmy called you her “Furry Sister.”

For one year you were my savior in Minnesota. Transported to a place with no friends or family, you kept me sane. You made me get outside and breathe the country fresh air.  We saw our first bald eagle nearly land within twenty feet of us. You made children fall in love with you as they walked to and from class at the STEM School that was located on the same property of our apartment.  You made our neighbor kids throw that ball for you…making sure everybody got a turn.

Then we returned to the Chicagoland area, living in Aurora for the last two years. Not quite the bustling city life we lived before but perfect for our older bones. In this new suburban life your bond with Emmy grew even stronger, joining us for stories at bedtime every night and scratching at the door if we forgot to call you up. Racing her in the soccer field next to our house and even letting her win occasionally. You were here for her first day of preschool and her graduation to the big girl bed (that you couldn’t resist sneaking into every once in awhile). We discovered the joy of snow hiking and the beauty of quiet.  You continued to be the motivation to get me outside and appreciate the simple beauty of the Midwest.

You were my baby, my muse, my confidant, my hiking buddy, my go-to adventure gal, but most of all, for 13 years, my best friend.

Oh sweet Mattie, I miss you more than I can ever articulate. Much like you lived, the disease that took you from us acted quickly… so quickly we could barely catch our breath before we knew your time with us was over. I am so sorry I couldn’t stop it. I wish I was a superhero who had the power to go into your beautiful brain that made you the amazing dog that you were and suck the poison out that took you from us, but that’s just not the way life works. I cannot look around my house without seeing remnants of you. I cannot go into the car without seeing pieces of you. I cannot look down a trail without seeing your beautiful fluffy black and white tail bobbing up and down as you trotted with your ball. So proud. So smart. So beautiful.

The only comfort that I have is that you are no longer confused and scared, and the time that you were was so very brief.  In one quick week that horrible tumor robbed us of you, but for 13 years and 3 weeks prior to that I hope we gave you an amazing life. I read once that as a person the world is your window, but as a dog your person is the window to your world.  I tried my best to open that window wide, knock it down, and walk out the door with you every single day of your life.  In the last week of your life we took you to 2 different forest preserves, including Emmy’s favorite hike, where you walked in the river and smelled all the stinky river smells. We walked along the big lake that we hiked at for the last two years, the trails we conquered in snow and sun.  We were naughty and let you go on the splash pad where you could splash and play and “bite the water” like you loved to do. You ate salmon burgers, cheese pizza, your favorite treats and homemade cheeseburgers for your last meals. Every medication we had to give you was wrapped in cheese or peanut butter. We still took you out on our daily walks, 2 - 3 a day at least. On your last night I slept downstairs with you since you no longer could walk up the stairs to your favorite spot in-between the bed and the wall. I laid next to you on the floor and hugged you like I used to in my bed when we lived in Alameda so many years ago and rubbed your sweet pink belly. On your last morning you spent the entire day outside with the wind in your fur and the sun on your face and the cool grass on your sweet paws. We took you off-leash in the soccer field and though that horrible tumor took your sight during your last few days and you could no longer see to fetch the ball, I hope being there gave you some joy and comfort.

On July 31, 2017, you left our world and you left my life. I meant it when I told the vet that hearts will break all across the country. You crossed paths with so many people and made so many smile. Whether they giggled because they thought you were nuts, they loved your intensity and drive, or they were tickled at the bond we shared.  We were always a package deal.  I knew this day would come, but I never wanted it to. I would joke that I sold your soul to the Devil because you needed to live forever, but unfortunately you were just too good and he didn’t want it.  Thank you for giving me so many happy memories. Thank you for giving me the great outdoors and showing me a world I never would have known without you. Thank you for being my muse and giving me motivation all though graduate school.  Thank you for comforting me and making me feel safe all of the times that Dave was out of town or I was just feeling alone. Thank you for teaching my daughter the love of animals and the love of a dog. Thank you for being that dog that also taught her respect for living creatures and letting her know you weren’t just a toy. You were a living, breathing being with feelings. Thank you for loving my amazing husband and giving him almost as many happy memories as you gave me. Thank you… for being in my life. Someday I’ll be ready to get another dog, but they will never be Mattie. I miss you. I love you. Rest sweet girl.  All done.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Goodbye 2016... Looking toward the future...

Well, 2016 was quite a year for the record books on many levels.  For myself personally, it was a year of growth, change, and positive creative endeavors. (Oh yeah, and the CHICAGO CUBS WORLD SERIES WIN! You have got to give this girl from Chicago her silver lining...)

I was so thrilled to have officially launched my nursery art line, Keller Kiddo Designs, both on my website and later on ETSY.  It took a long time of germinating and experimenting but once I made the decision it has been smooth sailing ever since. I find the ideas come easily and I have such a backlog of sketches that it is hard to keep up!  

Most recently I launched two new pieces right before the year ended both featuring mama/papa animals with their babies.  

Mama/Papa Wolf with Pup 

First I have an adorable wolf with a pup.  Wolf conservation is a passion of mine, and I thought what better way to convey the family culture of these misunderstood creatures to future generations than making some art dedicated to them.  This is great piece for a woodland or nature themed room. Something unique that you wouldn't find just anywhere. 

Giraffe Mama with Baby

For my "Jungle Fun" collection I have added what I call, the supermodels of the natural world, Giraffes. This sweet exchange between a mama giraffe and her calf is a great piece for any safari, zoo, or jungle themed nursery.

I will keep my commitment to the natural world and environment during 2017 by donating a portion of my business profits to The Sierra Club.  So far my sales have allowed me to honor my monthly pledge... here's hoping it continues to grow.

With the new year also comes a new group of workshops I am offering at The Fox River Academy of Music & Art.  This past weekend I was able to teach my first classic drawing workshop, Drawing with Light and Shadow.  This great lesson is an introduction to the theory of chiaroscuro and my students did great! The kids ranged from late elementary to high school and they were a wonderful group and handled the material really well considering their young ages. For the rest of the winter sessions I have more workshops in Children's Books, Greeting Card Design, and Figure Drawing. In the spring I will have a new series of workshops that focus on the Elements of Design with fun and educational projects for a variety of age levels.

Now that 2016 is in the past, I am looking towards the future. Hoping to create more work, teach more classes, and grow as an artist.  My daughter is now 4 years old and has a love of art that I am so proud to be able to nurture.  She loves to look at art and she loves to make art.  

We are just trying to make the world a better and more beautiful place... one drawing at a time. 

Monday, November 14, 2016

Getting Out There

This past few months have been pretty busy, between my workshops, creating new work, and some personal fun (Go Cubs!)... It's been a busy fall!

A few weeks ago I was lucky to participate in my first Artisan and Craft Show.  It was so much fun and I got to meet quite a few great local artists...including another mom from my daughter's preschool.  I received some wonderful feedback on my work and some lucky folks walked home with some Jen Keller Art Cards and Keller Kiddo Designs Prints. I need to give a special shout out to the Coordinators at the Trees and Treasures Craft Show at the Wesley UMC here in Aurora for running everything so smoothly and even providing childcare for my little one. It was really a fun day and I hope to participate in more shows in the future. 

I also have a few fun new pieces in progress right now and I hope to launch them before the holidays. Here's a sneak preview -- 

Follow JenKellerArt on Instagram to see more previews like these! 

In light of recent events I have also decided that for the next year I will be donating 25% of my profits to The Sierra Club. For details please look for my most recent e-letter .

Keep posted for new work and upcoming holiday specials. Thanks for all of your support...

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Fall Back into ART!

Wow! Summer seemed to just fly by. With my daughter home from school we had a great time playing, traveling, and relaxing.  I'm so excited for the fall, however, and all of the new things that are happening...

Labor Day weekend I kicked off a series of Illustration workshops being offered at The Fox River Academy of Music and Art.  We started with a basic Character Design workshop where the students learned how to create a character using basic visual storytelling techniques.  Since it was the first workshop I allowed the kids to work in any style they were comfortable with and let them design any character they wanted.  We ended up with some tough Manga/Anime girls and a nomadic canine. These kids did great! In future workshops we will focus on many different genres in the Character Design world, as well as doing some Creature Design, Children's Book Illustration, and Decorative/Greeting Card Artwork. Check out this great list of workshops in The Academy's most recent newsletter. 

I have also been continuing work on my children's art line of prints. In addition to selling my work on my website I have also opened a new Keller Kiddo Designs ETSY shop. For my grande opening I'm offering FREE SHIPPING for the next two months**!!  Use the code FALLBACK to get the discount!

I have also recently finished a new piece within my "Jungle Fun" collection featuring this adorable baby elephant and a little bird friend.

Keep checking back for new work in this line and other news. Enjoy this upcoming season of pumpkin spice and chunky sweaters.... I know I will!

**ETSY SHOP coupon code expires November 11, 2016

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Lions and Puppies and Shows...Oh My!

It's been a busy and exciting start to the summer... First of all I'm so happy to announce my local gallery debut! I was thrilled to be able to participate in this month's First Fridays right here in my own backyard. The local gallery, If These Walls Could Talk, contacted me about participating in their June Group Show, The "J" Show, featuring artists with the first letter "J" in their name.  They did a beautiful job of hanging my work and displaying my prints for sale.  If you missed the big opening you can still come by the gallery and see my work. The show will be up until June 29th.  Don't miss it!

Gallery Opening with my Biggest Little Fan! 

I also have a two new pieces in my Keller Kiddo Designs art print line.  My first piece is from the "Playful Pups" Collection featuring a tiny and mighty Chihuahua and Dragonfly. Initially inspired by a friend who is a Chihuahua lover and just had a baby girl, I feel this piece speaks to all of the little ones out there who feel their size has nothing to do with their ability!

...And though she may be little, she is FIERCE! 

Next is a piece for my new "Jungle Baby" Collection. These are a couple of powerful girls... The Lioness and Cub. With plenty of male lions out there in the art world, I thought it was high time the Lioness was represented! This was also inspired by a mighty Leo Mama friend of mine and her new little cub.  I love this piece and think it could have a life in numerous venues. 


I am also happy to announce that I will be teaching illustration workshops starting this fall at The Fox River Academy of Music and Art. This is going to be a great opportunity for kids of all ages to learn a different genre of art.  I plan on offering workshops in both Children's Book and Decorative Illustration along with some Character Design classes.

I'm so thrilled about all of the avenues, events, and new work.  Keep posted for new pieces that will be launched before the end of the summer and other exciting news!

Monday, April 18, 2016

Shoot for the Moon

I want to thank everybody out there who has given me so much support for my new children's art line. Things are running smoothly and I can't contain my excitement for this new avenue of work.

One thing that I love about this style is its versatility.  It looks great with so many different interior decor themes. To show this I've been creating "Inspiration Room Boards" on Pinterest.  They are a great way of envisioning my work in real life with pieces from a variety of retailers.  I would love to invite everyone to follow this board and get inspired!

I'm also happy to announce a new piece in my Starry Night Line - "Dog with Shooting Star".   I wanted a dog piece to complement "Kitties in the Stars" and I also loved the idea of a dog with his head in the wind embracing his love of life.  What better way to do that than on a shooting star?  It's a fun concept that could find a home in any children's rooms. This little guy would make anybody happy.

Shoot for the moon.
Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars.

This has been quite an adventure for the past month and I'm enjoying every minute of it. I have a sketchbook bursting with ideas and I can't wait to realize them all and share with everyone!