Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Illustration Friday: Mesmerizing!

Kitty + Laser Light = Mesmerizing!

I haven't done an Illustration Friday entry in awhile, but when I read the word this week was mesmerizing I couldn't stop thinking of my old kitty (and almost every cat I've known) chasing her laser light until she couldn't chase anymore... Enjoy!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Illustrators' Gift for Illustrator Day!

It's all about the illustrators!

This year was the fifth annual Illustrator Day hosted by the SCBWI San Francisco South Chapter. At so many conferences, the emphasis is put on the writers (which isn't bad since they outnumber the illustrators by around 10 to 1) but admittedly sometimes we feel a little short changed. Hence: ILLUSTRATOR DAY!!

This year was fantastic! From speakers like Joann Hill, Art Director of Disney-Hyperion to Agent Linda Pratt with the Wernick & Pratt Agency, to the Illustrator Andrew Glass and Illustrator/Art Instructor at San Jose State, John Clapp... my brain was completely full by the end of the day!

This year was pretty special because our Regional Advisor had something super special planned for our Illustration Coordinator, Lea Lyon. For the past five years she has been organizing and putting together this fabulous day exclusively dedicated to the illustrator and to thank her for her hard work we all plotted to put together a wonderful piece of art!

Can you see the secret message in there for Lea?

SCBWI has been an incredible resource for me and I was more than happy to contribute this small part to show my appreciation. Plus I got to play with watercolors again and experiment with my new fancy printer! I printed out my drawing onto a lightweight soft-press watercolor paper and created a woodland letter "N"!

It was really fun to create this little piece. I used some of the more stylized drawing I had refined in the recent activity books I did but combined it with a more traditional style of watercolor painting and a little colored pencil.

I think it turned out pretty fun - I hope Lea enjoys it!!