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Mattie Stories... Line Drawings

I have finally started my line drawing for the series of books I'm working on. Here is a sneak preview of two of them...

A Successful Opening

I had my first big gallery group show opening last night, and it turned out to be quite a success. The group of paintings look wonderful together... a great collection of work representing the beauty of Italy. There are a total of 14 students showing at the space, and 3 faculty members. I have seven of only 11 watercolors in the show, and I encourage everyone to stop by and take a look.

The gallery is located at 79 New Montgomery, on the first floor of the Academy of Art University's main building. The show will be up until January 5th, and the hours are 9 AM - 6 PM, every of the week.

Enchanted Italy Show

Hello! My first big group gallery show, ENCHANTED ITALY, is right around the corner. The entire group has works being shown from our time living in Umbria this summer. We have our artist's reception this Thursday, from 5:30-7:30. If you can't come to the opening, be sure to stop by during the holidays. The show will be up until January 5th.

I've had a few pieces shown here and there, but mostly illustrations. This show will feature some of my fine art watercolors. I'm very excited!

If you are curious about the journey I had this past summer, check out my other blog Avventure Italiane del Jenny! The link is on the sidebar...

Want to see the paintings featured in the show? Scroll down to later blog entry (OCT. 16), or go onto my FLICKR page, link is also to the left under, "Favorite Links."

Grazie Mili!

My New Website!!

After much strife and battles with ftp's, godaddy, and iweb, I finally got a website up! It's nothing fancy... but it's nice and simple, an easier way to see my work. Now I can treat this site more like a blog!

Check it out... there are still some kink's I need to fix... but it's pretty fun.

Published Educational Illustration

Educational Illustration as Published for William Sadlier, Inc. All rights reserved.

"Marvelous Adventures of Mattie"-Adoption Scene


Scene from a Children's Book I'm currently working on. Details and Concepts worked out in Graphic Novel format.

The Perfect Dog Day - Graphic Novel

Graphite on Drawing Paper


Page One

Page Two

Page Three

Underground in Perugia

Studio Watercolor Painting, Perugia-Umbria

Will be featured in "Enchanted Italy," at 79 New Montgomery Gallery, December 3 - January 5

Plein-air Watercolors, Italy

I spent the summer of 2008 studying Plein-air landscape/cityscape painting and drawing in Italy. We spend four (6-8 hour) days a week, painting on location in and around Umbria and Tuscany. It was an amazing and life changing experience for me. I learned to become looser and a little bit more free with watercolor technique. Here is a sampling of my on-location work. Want to read more about the experience? Check out the link for my Italy blog to the right...

Scooter in Cortona, Tuscany
Will be featured in "Enchanted Italy" Gallery Show

Black Cat, Corciano-Umbria
Will be featured in "Enchanted Italy" Gallery Show
Print will be available for sale at the "PURR-CASSO" Benefit for East Bay-Berkeley Humane Society, Sunday, Nov. 9

Cat in Butcher Shop Doorway, Corciano-Umbria
Will be featured in "Enchanted Italy" Gallery Show
Print will be available for sale at the "PURR-CASSO" Benefit for East Bay-Berkeley Humane Society, Sunday, Nov. 9

Corciano Window…

Brainy Border Collie

Watercolor with Pen & Ink on Cold Press Illustration Board

Global Warming Warning

Editorial Illustration about Global Warming
Article title, "While Washington Slept"

Watercolor with Pen & Ink on Hot Press Paper

Door to Door Veggies

Watercolor with Pen & Ink on Hot Press
Children's Book Illustration

Frizbee Kids

Educational Illustration for Phonics Book, William Sadlier, Inc.
Watercolor with Pen & Ink on Hot Press Paper


As Celestina stitched Buffy into her gown, she glanced at the golden invite, “This says ALL eligible girls on The Avenue!” she exclaimed.

“So?!” snapped Buffy, “Do you honestly think Princeton would want to be with someone as LAME as you?”

“What would you even wear?” Bitsy agreed with her sister, “Last year’s rejects that you stole from the TRASH!”

“Ah! I did not forget…I saved the best for last.” Auntie pulled out of her bag the most beautiful and delicate glass slippers Celestina had ever seen, “These belonged to your mother. Only the women in our family can wear them. Once you put them on your feet, they are yours forever until you pass them down to your daughter.” She delicately placed them on her feet and it felt like she was walking on air.

“Now, the magic will not last forever!” Auntie warned, “Once the clock hits midnight, the charms are broken, and everything will go back to the way it was. Now go!”

At the ball, Princeton could not have been more bored. He stood in the back o…

Good Luck Kitty!

Watercolor on Cold Press Paper
Private Wedding Invitation Artwork for Diaz-Reppen

Still Life-Apples & Sprite

Watercolor on Cold Press

Mattie in the Woods

Watercolor on Cold Press.

Here Comes the Sun

Watercolor on Cold Press Paper

Cowgirl's Dream

Children's Book Project
Sequence Project
Watercolor with Pen & Ink