Thursday, April 30, 2015

Inspiration Everywhere

Hello friends! For the past few months I've been finding inspiration everywhere... including new babies! I have some special people in my life that have new little ones joining their families and I felt inspired to create artwork for them.

Beautiful Mama Linda with Baby Finn, 3 months old. 
I also decided to use this opportunity to expand my digital artwork.  I first used this style while working on cover art for the EXPLORE! series at Nomad Press. I really liked the modern graphic look of these pieces and I felt it would be perfect to start exploring a Children's/Nursery Art Line. Compared to the watercolor style I had been using in the past, this style is a little more commercial and also versatile.  Every piece starts with drawing and inking by hand, so it still has my personal touch and doesn't feel so generic. Next I convert the inked piece to a digital line and color the piece with a little more of a flat graphic color style.

My first piece started traditional for my little niece, Sabina Rue.  After I finished the original and gave it to my glowing sister-in-law I proceeded to work on the digital version.

After finishing my first one, I couldn't wait to start work on the next two newborns on my list. First a bunny for my good friend's little boy, Finn, in Chicago.

Great friends of ours also had their first baby girl in New York City.  I used their own kitties as inspiration for wee Hanna's artwork.

After finishing this work it was time to give my website a little facelift. Check it out at

Well, it's been a busy couple of months and I hope to stay just as busy. How do I get all of this done (you may be wondering) while living in toddlerland? Nap time has been my best productivity friend these days. I also try to make lists and keep to a schedule. It's quite a balancing act but so far - so good! 

The most important part is to get outside, have fun, and get inspired...

because inspiration is everywhere...

Emmy's portrait done by neighbor friend, Samantha, Age 7.