Saturday, May 16, 2009

"Oh no, Mattie!!"

This illustration has been a LONG time coming... but I think it's worth it in the end. There might be a few final touches I have yet to do, but it's close to finished. Mattie is being a bit naughty here! No worries, that pup will put her straight.

Alice and the Cheshire Cat

This is my final of the Alice and the Cheshire Cat scene. I decided to run with a murkier day outside, instead of the sunny day I had originally planned. The happy bright sunshine just didn't fit with the mood of the cat. I'm enjoying using this new medium more and more. In this one, I used a lot more prismacolor and pastel to bring out the details. It was a lot of fun.

Last of the Pastel Drawings

As my semester drew to a close, I found that I enjoyed the pastels a bit more each time.

Using this medium really forced me to think in a different way, a much more "painterly" style, if you will. I feel that it helped me with my illustrations a lot... and definitely had an impact on my improvement this semester. Here are a few of my final "faves"...

We had some great characters come in to model for us, everything from a Belly Dancer to a Psycho Clown/Drag Killer. Pretty fun stuff...

PINOCCHIO--"Lampwick's Fate"

I have been thinking a lot about Pinocchio lately and this scene is one of my favorites. It's so dark and scary... really if you think about it. I believe it scares me more now that it did when I was a kid.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Kennel Scene

Here is (what I think) it probably the saddest scene in the book. Mattie in the kennel. Who would blame her for barking at everyone who came by...! Don't worry Mattie... it gets better. ;-)

Sunday, May 3, 2009

The final look

Here is the drawing for my the last page of the book. I'm pretty happy with this one. It has that safe and sweet look I was going for, but without being too sappy... I hope.

Mattie finds a forever home!! I hope I didn't ruin the ending for anybody. ;-)

Alice and the Cheshire Cat

I had a concept to update Alice in Wonderland last semester in my Graphic Novel class, but due to time, I never felt like I could realize it fully. This semester with the help of my new animal anatomy knowledge, and the models I've found... I managed to recreate the first scene.

I wanted to make the cat a bit scarier, not the rolly polly image we're used to seeing in previous versions. I think it makes sense that Alice would really stop and listen to a cat this size! After all, talking animals at this point in the story don't really phase her anymore.