Monday, November 14, 2016

Getting Out There

This past few months have been pretty busy, between my workshops, creating new work, and some personal fun (Go Cubs!)... It's been a busy fall!

A few weeks ago I was lucky to participate in my first Artisan and Craft Show.  It was so much fun and I got to meet quite a few great local artists...including another mom from my daughter's preschool.  I received some wonderful feedback on my work and some lucky folks walked home with some Jen Keller Art Cards and Keller Kiddo Designs Prints. I need to give a special shout out to the Coordinators at the Trees and Treasures Craft Show at the Wesley UMC here in Aurora for running everything so smoothly and even providing childcare for my little one. It was really a fun day and I hope to participate in more shows in the future. 

I also have a few fun new pieces in progress right now and I hope to launch them before the holidays. Here's a sneak preview -- 

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In light of recent events I have also decided that for the next year I will be donating 25% of my profits to The Sierra Club. For details please look for my most recent e-letter .

Keep posted for new work and upcoming holiday specials. Thanks for all of your support...

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Fall Back into ART!

Wow! Summer seemed to just fly by. With my daughter home from school we had a great time playing, traveling, and relaxing.  I'm so excited for the fall, however, and all of the new things that are happening...

Labor Day weekend I kicked off a series of Illustration workshops being offered at The Fox River Academy of Music and Art.  We started with a basic Character Design workshop where the students learned how to create a character using basic visual storytelling techniques.  Since it was the first workshop I allowed the kids to work in any style they were comfortable with and let them design any character they wanted.  We ended up with some tough Manga/Anime girls and a nomadic canine. These kids did great! In future workshops we will focus on many different genres in the Character Design world, as well as doing some Creature Design, Children's Book Illustration, and Decorative/Greeting Card Artwork. Check out this great list of workshops in The Academy's most recent newsletter. 

I have also been continuing work on my children's art line of prints. In addition to selling my work on my website I have also opened a new Keller Kiddo Designs ETSY shop. For my grande opening I'm offering FREE SHIPPING for the next two months**!!  Use the code FALLBACK to get the discount!

I have also recently finished a new piece within my "Jungle Fun" collection featuring this adorable baby elephant and a little bird friend.

Keep checking back for new work in this line and other news. Enjoy this upcoming season of pumpkin spice and chunky sweaters.... I know I will!

**ETSY SHOP coupon code expires November 11, 2016

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Lions and Puppies and Shows...Oh My!

It's been a busy and exciting start to the summer... First of all I'm so happy to announce my local gallery debut! I was thrilled to be able to participate in this month's First Fridays right here in my own backyard. The local gallery, If These Walls Could Talk, contacted me about participating in their June Group Show, The "J" Show, featuring artists with the first letter "J" in their name.  They did a beautiful job of hanging my work and displaying my prints for sale.  If you missed the big opening you can still come by the gallery and see my work. The show will be up until June 29th.  Don't miss it!

Gallery Opening with my Biggest Little Fan! 

I also have a two new pieces in my Keller Kiddo Designs art print line.  My first piece is from the "Playful Pups" Collection featuring a tiny and mighty Chihuahua and Dragonfly. Initially inspired by a friend who is a Chihuahua lover and just had a baby girl, I feel this piece speaks to all of the little ones out there who feel their size has nothing to do with their ability!

...And though she may be little, she is FIERCE! 

Next is a piece for my new "Jungle Baby" Collection. These are a couple of powerful girls... The Lioness and Cub. With plenty of male lions out there in the art world, I thought it was high time the Lioness was represented! This was also inspired by a mighty Leo Mama friend of mine and her new little cub.  I love this piece and think it could have a life in numerous venues. 


I am also happy to announce that I will be teaching illustration workshops starting this fall at The Fox River Academy of Music and Art. This is going to be a great opportunity for kids of all ages to learn a different genre of art.  I plan on offering workshops in both Children's Book and Decorative Illustration along with some Character Design classes.

I'm so thrilled about all of the avenues, events, and new work.  Keep posted for new pieces that will be launched before the end of the summer and other exciting news!

Monday, April 18, 2016

Shoot for the Moon

I want to thank everybody out there who has given me so much support for my new children's art line. Things are running smoothly and I can't contain my excitement for this new avenue of work.

One thing that I love about this style is its versatility.  It looks great with so many different interior decor themes. To show this I've been creating "Inspiration Room Boards" on Pinterest.  They are a great way of envisioning my work in real life with pieces from a variety of retailers.  I would love to invite everyone to follow this board and get inspired!

I'm also happy to announce a new piece in my Starry Night Line - "Dog with Shooting Star".   I wanted a dog piece to complement "Kitties in the Stars" and I also loved the idea of a dog with his head in the wind embracing his love of life.  What better way to do that than on a shooting star?  It's a fun concept that could find a home in any children's rooms. This little guy would make anybody happy.

Shoot for the moon.
Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars.

This has been quite an adventure for the past month and I'm enjoying every minute of it. I have a sketchbook bursting with ideas and I can't wait to realize them all and share with everyone!

Monday, March 14, 2016

Keller Kiddo Designs

I am so excited to announce that my new line of art prints, Keller Kiddo Designs, is officially for sale on my website! 

Bringing this style to the forefront of my creative body of work is absolutely thrilling. The work is fun, whimsical, and stays true to my own style of illustration.

Every piece starts with a hand drawn image. Then I ink it by hand and finish the artwork digitally by choosing a tight color palate. This gives it a modern flare that would look great in any nursery or children's room.  The combination of a hand drawn style with a graphic color scheme make these pieces very versatile, fitting into any type of room design ranging from a soft classic look to a more contemporary feel that you see all over the marketplace today.

I have started with two small collections.  My first one is called "Starry Night" and features lovable animals cozying up under the stars and moon. The color scheme is very simple ranging from dark blue, yellow and a variety of neutrals.  These pieces work well together or as a stand alone. They are gender neutral and would be great for a boy or girl.

The second collection are "Playful Pups" and feature a series of adorable romping puppy dogs. The colors vary a bit more in this series with pinks, purples, yellows and greens along with some lovely brown neutrals.  These look great together or as individual pieces.  I may also offer these pieces with custom colors to either match each other, fit into a nursery scheme, or perhaps to mimic your own special pup at home.  If you are interested in custom work within this series please inquire!

All pieces are printed on high quality acid-free Strathmore paper and printed with high quality, long lasting photo quality inks.  The size of the work is 5 x 7 and for sale in 8 x 10 acid-free mats.  They are the perfect size for any store-bought 8x10 frame.

For those of you who are a fan of my more traditional style of work, my ETSY shop still offers all of my classic stationary items. As a special treat I'm also offering a 50% DISCOUNT on any orders from my stationary collection on ETSY if you purchase a print from KELLER KIDDO DESIGNS by March 31, 2016 (Just in time for Easter!) Also as an extra special bonus the FIRST PRINT sold of each design will come signed!

A Satisfied Customer! 

This is only the beginning... each month I will continue to offer new pieces, both within these collections and also branching out into new ones.  I am so excited to begin this new journey and share it with the world.