Native Americans of the South - East & West

I'm still plugging along on the educational book, Explore Native Americans! for Nomad Press.  I recently finished the 2nd & 3rd Chapters covering Native American Tribes for both the American Southeast, Southwest, and Mesoamerica.
Typical Seminole Housing: Chickee
Adobe Pueblo Housing of the Southwestern Tribes (Hopi & Zuni) 

Much like the first few chapters, I continue to learn more about Native Americans.  Things that are vaguely familiar to me about these regions become much more concrete and certain elements are completely new to me, like the game of Chunkey played by the Natives of the American Southeast.

Boys from southeastern tribes playing "Chunkey"

So here is a small sampling of these two chapters covering numerous tribes like Cherokee, Seminole, Hopi, Zuni, Navaho, Mayan, and many, many more...
Cherokee Tribal Council House Representing the Seven Clans

Ancient Southwestern Cliff Dwelling (Mesa Verde)

Navaho Medicine Man creating healing sand painting

Maya Stela

Hopi woman & girl making traditional piki bread
Stay tuned - there are still 3 more chapters to go!


Anonymous said…
Very cool drawings, very interesting.
Brenda Harris said…
Wow, very nice. Is it all done in black and white? Will you be working on the cover, too? Thanks for letting us in on what you're doing. It's great. :)
JenKellerArt said…
Thanks so much! Yes, all of the interiors are black & white. I already did the cover artwork. It's in a post from January 16th called "Explore Native Americans"
Pam said…
Great work! I love the Maya Stela__good stuff. Much success to you on your project.
lindsey said…
so proud of you- these look amazing. your bw stuff is so incredible. teach me your ways! xx

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