Saturday, February 14, 2009

Animal Life Drawing-First Day

Yesterday was our first day on the field with my Animal Life Drawing class with Joe Weatherly. I'm so excited about this class I could burst! To be able to draw animals for 4-6 hours a day seems like a dream... Our first day we went to the new California Academy of Sciences. Here, there are few live animals (with the exception of the Penguins, Alligators, and a variety of sea life.) It was good because we didn't have to worry about the animals moving at all!

My first animal was a green anaconda. He was a good model because he didn't move at all! I also attempted the stuffed giraffe that's on display in the hallway. He was actually challenging, not only because of his bizarre proportions, but also the perspective was tricky. I also worked on a zebra and lions... very challenging as well,.

Next week we go to the zoo! I'm excited about this trip...

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