Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Sketchbook Project

I'm very excited to announce that I will be participating in 2011 Sketchbook project hosted by The Brooklyn Art Museum and the Art House Co-op.

It's a really exciting opportunity to experiment, stretch my creative brain and skills, AND to put it all out there!! Each artist picks a theme for their sketchbook, and needs to abide by that theme. However, they are allowed to push and pull the concept in whatever way they chose. Then, starting in February of 2011, the community of sketchbooks will go on tour to seven major US cities. People are allowed to look at these books at their leisure during the exhibit, and the artist can put them up for sale if they want to.

Once the exhibit is over, the books are returned to the Brooklyn Art Library, where they will be a part of their permanent collection.

I have chosen the theme "Storybook." In addition to this theme, I have given myself some rules. The #1 rule I have given myself is that I am not allowed to work from sources - but the concepts should come strictly from my imagination. I'm hoping that as I carry the book around with me - I can create wherever and whenever the mood strikes! I'm also hoping to see some very unusual and fun styles perhaps emerge that are different from my traditional painting style.

The tour will start in Brooklyn, then travel to Austin, Portland, Atlanta, Chicago, (go homestead!!) Seattle, and lastly - San Francisco. Very appropriate!

Here is a report by CNN about one of the original Sketchbook Projects. Enjoy!

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