"Lovers Not Fighters" Gala Art Show

Recently I was contacted by Hello Bully in order to donate work for their Lovers Not Fighters Gala Benefit. Hello Bully is a Bully Breed Rescue Organization located in Pittsburgh. The mission of Hello Bully was described perfectly to me by their Gala Artwork Coordinator, Shiri Ransley...

The goal of Hello Bully is to keep the American Pit Bull Terrier out of shelters. We educate the community about the breed, and work with foster dogs to make them candidates for adoption in loving, responsible homes. We offer free or low cost training consultations and free/low cost spay and neuter...

Most recently, we have been asked to work with the Humane Society of the United States, with their agents that investigate dog fighting. Our most recent rescue mission with them was in Ohio, where they uncovered a very large fighting ring/breeding operation. Our volunteers worked for 2 month setting up their temporary shelter, and then staying on to care for 80+
Pit Bulls that were confiscated.

I didn't have to think very hard about supporting such an outstanding organization. As an animal lover and animal rights advocate - donating a signed & framed print was the least I could do.

Unfortunately there wasn't enough time to make a new Pit Bull focused illustration, but Shiri pointed out that many of the patrons will own other breeds besides Pit Bulls. I thought my "Eat Dessert First" piece might make the perfect addition to someone's home. Hopefully there's a hound dog fan at the benefit!

If you know anybody who lives in the Pittsburgh area, I would definitely suggest attending this benefit. It sounds amazing and these dogs deserve every break they can get!


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