Tuesday, August 16, 2011

"Drawing" to a Close - Sketchbook Project Tour

So after 10 US cities, 7 months, and countless miles, The Sketchbook Project is now drawing to a close.

I am so glad I participated in this National Phenomenon. Not only did the actual process of making the sketchbook force me to open up, use my imagination and have fun putting it all together, but watching my book travel all over the country was a great thing to see!

Form/Space Atelier in Seattle, Washington - Pic Courtesy of Michelle!!

I had so many friends and strangers pull out my little Storybook Sketchbook. Hopefully it all gave them a quick laugh and brightened their day a bit. (Honestly, I don't know whose mood wouldn't improve with the sight of giant cupcakes and glitter.)

Sister-in-law at the Madrone Studios in San Francisco, CA - Thanks Suz!!

My mom was also featured on the Art House Co-op's blog about their stop in Chicago!!

Mom at the Hyde Park Arts Center in Sweet Home Chicago

It was really neat the way the Art House Co-op managed to keep everything organized, and they would even send you a little e-mail when your book got checked out!

The Tour will be drawing to a close this weekend back at its beginnings at the Brooklyn Art Library. There will be a Closing Ceremony this weekend. If you happen to be in New York, I highly suggest you check it out...

After this weekend my book will be a part of the permanent collection. If you missed the tour and still want to look at my book (and you don't live in NYC) you can either check it out on FLICKR or look at it through the Art House Co-op's Digital Library!

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