Sunday, March 8, 2009

A Trip to Monterey Aquarium

This week in Animal Life Drawing class, we had a bit of an adventure. Joe took us down to the Monterey Aquarium. I haven't been to an Aquarium since I was a kid, and it was hard to sit down and draw... the sea creatures were all so great to look at and explore...

I had a hard time deciding what was my favorite part. I spent quite a long time at the Penguin tank.. they are so great and full of life. A bit easier to draw than a lot of the fish who move so quickly. They did move quite a bit as well... but they were tons of fun to study.

I also had a good time at the deep sea tank... I loved studying the several types of shark (including the Hammerhead!) and the stingrays were pretty amazing as well.

My favorite room though, was the Jellyfish exhibit. I found these guys totally fascinating. I could have stared at their glowing tanks for hours, just watching them float around. Drawing them proved a bit difficult, because the room was practically pitch black in order to see their glowing bodies. Pretty cool stuff.

The biggest part of the adventure, however, was on the trip home...when our bus broke down about 20 minutes outside of San Francisco! Go Academy... spare no expense. Apparently, this was the second time this had happened in Joe's class. Makes me wonder if there is a conspiracy going on...? ;-)


Gerald said...

Great quick studies at the aquarium!!! The jellies with pastels looks fun.

JenKeller said...

Hey...thanks! I've been trying to get better at pastels seeing as I'm taking a whole class in pastel life drawing. Practice, as you know... always helps!

Lindsey said...

This class does look like fun! I love your jellyfish, too. Looks like you used some of that good Bill class paper? Fun to see the bright colors on that. Enjoy your break!!!