Wedded Bliss! - A departure from the usual post

I'd like to take a brief moment to depart from the normal posts to announce my recent marriage to the love of my life! During the past months I've been feverishly planning my wedding in Chicago, while trying to maintain my creative juices. It became a reality on February 28th of this year.

It was an amazing evening. Full of so many friends and family that had nothing but love for myself and my new husband.

So if I've seem a little vacant with my postings lately, this is the reason. I would normally not use a venue like this to talk about a personal event, but being such a momentous occasion I want to share it with EVERYONE!

Not to mention an event like this couldn't happen without all of the amazing independent artists and entrepreneurs that supported every aspect of the evening. I would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank the numerous creative individuals that were a part of this once in a lifetime evening.

My florist, Beth of Anna Held Florist, is a trained fine artist and painter from the Art Institute of Chicago. She brought the perfect amount of red hues in the flowers, accenting the bridal party colors and creating the warm atmosphere I wanted. This was further enhanced by the warmth of the glowing candlelight. We spoke the same language and it showed.

My photographer, Brian Kinyon, was the perfect ninja! His demeanor was calming and my side when I wanted a shot, and invisible capturing those amazing private moments when I didn't. I can't wait to see his pictures and I have full confidence they will be amazing. He was also the photographer at the wedding that I met Dave at...!

Mark, the owner and DJ from DJ-Chicago must have been a Stage Manager in a former life. He was on top of the schedule of events during the evening, consistently checking in with us and making sure all of our needs were met and we didn't forget a thing. Not being Jewish, he also offered me a great bit of advice when I told him my hesitation at being lifted in the chairs during the Horah. "Just lean back and you'll be fine." I did and I was! It was a blast...

"The Look" started with Pilar at Lilac Dress Boutique of Alameda who turned me onto Siri Designs and helped me to find the vintage/modern chic dress I was looking for. Kathy, her seamstress, did a great job turning this dress originally made for a "glamazon" into a short girl dress just for me!

Hair and Make-up! Antje Kastner of Tigerlilie Salon specializes in vintage hairstyles and she did an amazing job channeling my icons like Rita Hayworth and Kathryn Hepburn... and my make-up was done by good friend, Beth Nowak. She is an amazing make-up artist. Dave and I also met at HER wedding!

My custom made jewelry was crafted by Clarice of Happenstance Designs. She worked with me using my heirloom necklace as inspiration to create my headband and earrings. She also collaborated with me to create the bridesmaid jewelry featuring Murano Glass that was purchased in Venice!

I would thank the Academy, but what have they done for me lately?

Putting together this "one night only" show reminded me of my previous theatrical career, except in this instance as the bride you are designer, director and the star! It was truly a memorable evening and I'm so glad I was able to use so many independent artists to help create it... I know my new husband and I will never forget a moment of it.


clarice said…
Jen, you look gorgeous! Everything came together beautifully. Congratulations to a very happy couple!!
lindsey said…
wow this was fun to read about! thanks for sharing Jen!!!! and congrats :)

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