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Dog Days of Summer-Mutt Lynch Winery Event

Good News! The Mutt Lynch Winery has decided to feature ALL of the finalists for the wine label contest at their fundraiser event coming up. There will be a signed and framed print for sale of CaberNOSE Merlot with all the proceeds donated to Healdsburg Animal Shelter. I am always excited to help homeless pets, so I jumped at the chance to be a part of this. The event takes place on August 8-9 and it's only $10 for entry fee. Dogs enter free! Mattie and I plan on making an appearance on August 8th and I hope to see some familiar faces there. Info at Dog Days of Summer Event

Making Friends

At this point, Mattie is making friends with her new puppy companion. This little blondie is loosely based on one of Mattie Chicago friends, Daisy. Nobody knows fun like a "goldie-doodle..."

A New Puppy

For everyone who didn't know their rescue dogs as puppies, this one is for you! I got Mattie when she was over one year, and I never knew her as a puppy, but in this illustration I got to at least imagine how adorable she was. This is the first page of the book.

"New Customer!" Finished

Here's the finished painting for the drawing I posted last week. I really wanted Mattie and the little girl (Kelly) to be like a couple peas in a pod for this picture. I just love the bond between children and their pets. There's nothing like it.

Title Page

This is my title page for the Mattie books. Anybody want a border collie?