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The Plains

I just finished the one of the larger chapters about the Plains Natives in the Native American Book for Nomad Press .  It was really interesting and fun to do. Winter Count - Type of Native American calender and/or history record  Being from Illinois, I have a sentimental attachment to this part of country.  Growing up, the Plains Native Americans were a part of my own local history.  Since then I have learned so much more, but I still have a great deal of affection for this region. War Bonnet - Number of Feathers represent good deeds done by the wearer.  For a warrior it was for deeds in battle, for a chief it was for deeds done in he community.      So here are a few images from the lengthy and fascinating chapter on the Plains Native Americans.  Even with some of my prior knowledge, I still learned more about the details of their culture, games, and lifestyle.  Pretty interesting stuff! Smoke Signals Native American Game: Shinny (a game similar to hockey)