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A New Customer!

This drawing was a LONG TIME coming. I started it in the fall semester, but I didn't really have the skills yet to execute it the way I wanted. I finally got it down, and now it's ready to paint.

Sleepy Time

Here is the last page of my book. Makes me sleepy just to look at it. I have a few minor details yet to do, but it's pretty much there.

Puppy Love

This is a little character piece I've been working on for my website, cards, and other identity I might need. It's shaping up well, I think.

Wine Label Contest

Dog Art Today announced a wine label contest for Mutt Lynch Winery about a month ago. I decided to take this opportunity to work on something a little different and fun for my portfolio. The wine it will be used for is a Meritage, which is a combination of Cabernet and Merlot. I call this painting, "CaberNOSE knows Merlot" A percentage of the wine sales will go to a local animal shelter. Log onto Dog Art Today in order to vote for your favorite label. Voting happens from June 15-19. Here's hoping I end up in the top ten!

Website Updates

As I've been working on getting my postcards together, I decided it was time to update my website. You'll see my newest illustrations, and a much needed reorganization of my bio and blog link pages. I think it's a little easier to get needed info now. Check it out!