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ART during the time of COVID

Hello friends! Well, it is a strange time to be an artist. Frankly, it’s a strange time to be alive. Who knew when our kids were sent home from school in March, and we all hunkered down in our homes, this adventure would last this long. So here we are... I will be honest, I have been fortunate during this time. This lockdown has presented its challenges and it hasn't been easy for anyone. But as Helen Keller would say, "If you keep your face towards the sunshine you cannot see the shadow."  I'd love to share with you the work I've been able to do during this unprecedented time.  Work with Aurora Public Art COVID-19 PSA Signage Design My first opportunity came when I submitted a design for Aurora Public Art’s PSA Covid-19 Awareness Signs designed to bring encouragement to the community. I was so excited to get a chance to be involved with a local project here in Aurora. During the spring and summer you could see the 13 designs that were selected on election-size bo