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Explore Natural Resources Cover Art

It was certainly a tight squeeze getting the artwork done for the cover this time around with my new little helper, but I did it! (A special thanks to Grandma and Grandpa Keller who happen to be in town and had no issues doing a little babysitting.) I think this is going to be a fun book. It is very different from the Native American Book since it's not as cultural but more scientific.  Though "going green" is certainly a part of our current culture today - at least let's hope so! I'm really starting to enjoy creating this type of digital illustration. I'm hoping to incorporate it into future projects at some point.  Enjoy this little sneak peak of the Explore Natural Resources cover artwork! And for those of you work from home moms  (aka WFHM)  trying to figure it out like I am, I highly recommend the full size play yard! I'm pretty sure Emmy is enjoying it. Well, see for yourself! 

Back in the Saddle....

It seems like a only a moment ago I did my latest post, but it's been more like six months! I must apologize for my absence but these babies sure do take up a lot of time. During my hiatus I've been keeping busy in my sketchbook and trying to catch a few art shows, but mostly I've been enjoying being a mom.  However my status as stay at home mom will be changing to work at home mom now that I am doing another title in the Explore Your World Series with Nomad Press about Natural Resources. I have started work on the cover this past week and when people say everything changes once a baby enters your life - they aren't kidding! Working from home and taking care of my wee one has presented its own set of challenges (which include her being mobile!) I have attempted to adapt the studio in order to accommodate little miss social and so far I think we've come up with a balance. Not so sure if Emmy agrees. A full sized play yard is on its way from Amazon