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NYC Zoos: Part Two-The Bronx Zoo

This past week I also took advantage of the fact that I was a mere subway ride away from the famous Bronx Zoo . What a treat! The weather was perfect, and the animals were extremely active and out for me to draw! In the morning light I found another sleeping Polar Bear. I couldn't resist capturing his bliss while sleeping on such a seemingly uncomfortable surface. It reminded me a little of how my own dog will sometimes sleep on my shoes. I guess if you've never had a pillow, a rock will do just as fine! I also spent some time in "Africa" and I stumbled upon the adorable Nyala . There was a whole herd not very far from the lion exhibit - so I don't blame them for being on their toes! (Of course they weren't aware of the large moat and fences protecting them...) I also made a little friend at this exhibit. I got the feeling she was jealous of the South African Antelope getting her portrait done. Next time, Ms. Peacock! I always love to spend time at the

Adventures in New York--The Central Park Zoo

Hello All! Well, last week was quite an adventure with my first work-related trip to New York. It proved to be very beneficial for numerous reasons. One being that I got to visit New York City's Zoos. First stop was the small, but fun, Central Park Zoo . This Zoo only has about 5-6 exhibits, but it's a great little escape from the large metropolis for an hour or so. They have a really fun sea lion exhibit and show, you would swear they were dogs with flippers. One of them even played fetch! They moved really fast so I just did a few gesture drawings before one of them dove right in front of me and splattered my sketchbook... :-) I also spent some time with the Polar Bears. It was pretty hot that day, so I didn't blame them for spending their time in the water. I couldn't really get a good spot to draw the female who was hanging out really close to the glass for all of her fans! But the male was crashed out in a less crowded area. If I didn't know they woul