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Alice and the Cheshire Cat

Here's another installment in my Cheshire Cat and Alice scene. Those are pretty big teeth! But she's a brave (and curious) girl!

There's nothing cuter....

than puppy butts! Here's a little drawing I've been working on exhibiting the extreme adorable variety of our furry friend's rear ends. It makes me giggle just looking at it :-)

Color-Your-Own Valentine's Day Card Design Contest

I've decided to enter another contest...! (in collaboration with Esty) is choosing 9 designs to be produced as "color-your-own" valentine cards for kids. The winner will have their design produced for kids everywhere, and be available for purchase on . Best yet, all the proceeds will go to the Children's Heart Foundation, which helps children impacted by congenital heart defects, the number one birth defect in the USA. I hope the Moms at Cool Mom Picks are cool enough to realize that my little pup just wants to give Puppy Love to little kids everywhere!!