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Tweeted by San Francisco Zoo

Recently I decided to create a set on FLICKR with all of my animal life drawing work, and it's gotten a quite a bit of interest. I've had several hits, comments, and San Francisco Zoo chose to tweet my work on their account about a month ago! With this recent turn of events, I've finally decided to get a twitter account, and I'm having FAR too much fun with it. Click on the little birdie to follow my tweets! This directly relates to my New Year's Resolution to have a much bigger online presence. You thought I was chatty in person - just wait! :-) Hope everyone has a great new year....

Illustration Friday - WINTER

"Winter must be cold for those with no warm memories." Deborah Kerr in An Affair to Remember I've always really liked this piece... and hoped to do more with it at some point. There is something to be said for finding a little "warmth in winter."

Happy Howl-a-days!!

Canine Carolers! Here's hoping everyone enjoys the holiday season...

Dog Holiday Spots

A couple of holiday images to bring joy and wonder to any pooch during the season...