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Learning about Clouds

Here is a sample of the coloring book pages for the book, "What's the Weather Today?" Here we learn about the different types of clouds and what kinds of weather they can produce. Poor Buster the Beagle, I don't think he knew he was part of the demonstration!

Dog Star Resort, LLC: Open for Business!

I'm so happy to report that Dog Star Resort, LLC had its soft opening in mid-march and is now going full force! And look at my Logo Design - Lucy the Border Collie and Titan the Pom Mix are everywhere!! Road Sign (There it is!) Business Cards & Calendars (What day is my dog going to The Resort?) Car Magnets (Dog Star on the GO!) Tote Bag (for your favorite canine's overnight needs) The facility is outstanding and every dog looks like they are having a blast. I wish it was close enough for Mattie to board at. If you want more information about Dog Star Resort, LLC they now have a live Webpage and a very active Facebook Page. They also received a great write-up recently in The Voice of Wisconsin Rapids . I'm so happy and proud of the owner, Carol, who was my own dog's original foster mom while she was in rescue. She has dedicated her life to the betterment of our canine companions. Every dog in her care will be treated like her own.


I've been feverishly working on a new science coloring book series and here is a sneak peak at some tight pencils for the book, "Is There A Volcano in Your Backyard?" All of these samples are taken from "real life" volcanoes. Enjoy! Mt. Mayon - Philippines Mt. Rainier - Seattle, Washington Black Butte - Jefferson County, Oregon