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Bedtime Stories Opening Reception

This Thursday was my Gallery opening for Bedtime Stories. It was a wonderful event. Staying with the theme of the show being focused on Children's Book Illustrations, I decided to make the event extra-kid friendly. I started with making the hors devours based on kid food. This included candy corn, goldfish, finger peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, milk with cookies, and cupcakes (with a dog-theme decor). In keeping with my Mattie Story, I also chose to make the event DOG FRIENDLY! We didn't have too many pooches stop by, but the few that did really made the place light up. Fellow dog artist, Barbara Pence, and her English Lab Puppy, Bailey, seemed to enjoy it... Galleries can sometimes be a sterile place, and in order to contradict that atmosphere I decided to dress up the place. I chose a few items in order to create a happy and friendly setting for dogs and kids alike. I also dressed up my promo-material table. I think all of the accesories made the whole room a much