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Riding into the Sunset

My final wedding image.... riding into the sunset. Maybe someday I'll actually own this car instead of just drawing it!!

Wedded Bliss! - A departure from the usual post

I'd like to take a brief moment to depart from the normal posts to announce my recent marriage to the love of my life! During the past months I've been feverishly planning my wedding in Chicago, while trying to maintain my creative juices. It became a reality on February 28th of this year. It was an amazing evening. Full of so many friends and family that had nothing but love for myself and my new husband. So if I've seem a little vacant with my postings lately, this is the reason. I would normally not use a venue like this to talk about a personal event, but being such a momentous occasion I want to share it with EVERYONE! Not to mention an event like this couldn't happen without all of the amazing independent artists and entrepreneurs that supported every aspect of the evening. I would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank the numerous creative individuals that were a part of this once in a lifetime evening. My florist, Beth of Anna Held Florist , is a

Place Card Design

So I couldn't resist revisiting these spots that I had used in the past for my "Save-the-Dates." But I decided to add a bit of color to tie them into the rest of the decor of the wedding. I went back to my old watercolor roots, and I think it worked out well. The texture of the watercolor has a lighter feel and works well with the delicate ambiance of candlelight. I'm also adding this product to my etsy shop. I think it's great for an event like a wedding to use repeat images in several pieces in order to tie the event together. Being custom designed artwork it adds a special personal touch that helps bring all of the design elements together. It's those little extra magic touches that makes the evening unique and memorable.