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What a Year

So it seems I’m destined to do a yearly post... Every year I say I’ll post more and every year I find myself posting once! LOL -  So this year I won’t apologize because I suppose it’s expected of me now. Hopefully in 2022 I can scrounge up a bit more time to get this blog back into shape! Until then, here we are! And WHAT A YEAR…    Last time I posted I was only a month out of having major surgery on my hip (labral repair for those of you who are curious – not a replacement). It started out as a typical recovery and just went on and on… But with the help of amazing physical therapists, wonderful surgeons and a great acupuncturist I was finally released into the wild in May. My four month recovery turned into an eight month journey but at this point it’s obvious that all my hard work paid off!   I went from hardly being able to sit for more than 20 minutes, and barely walking to participating in three artisan markets, two art shows, and completing multiple portraits! I have to admit tha