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The New Normal

Between the diaper changes and the feedings, the play dates and activities, the lack of sleep, trying to take a shower, and taking care of the dog - I need to carve out a moment to make a little art. This is what I tell myself every day. During my pregnancy I thought I was going to lead a perfect creative life as a mom.  After all, I work from home - isn't that the dream?  I would paint at my drafting table and my baby would coo and giggle while I worked. She wouldn't cry, or fuss, and most importantly she would take a nap - a loooong nap - that would allow my creativity to flow. However, she does cry and she does fuss. She does also coo and giggle, but not as an observer to my "creative genius."  Oh yeah, and she does nap - either while I'm driving or in her stroller. Not the best places to paint! But what I can do is make a promise to myself that when those quiet moments arrive I will unleash my creative daemons upon the world (or in my sketchbo