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I am happy to report that my "Puppy Dog Tails" piece will be making an appearance at the Autobody Fine Art Gallery's benefit event - Dog Days 3 - Petapalooza .   There will be a signed print available for purchase, with the money going to the Alameda Animal Shelter and the Northern California German Shorthair Pointer Rescue .   The event takes place this Saturday, July 24, at the Gallery in Alameda at 1517 Park Street. It starts at 1 pm and goes well into the evening, ending at 9 pm.  Bring yourself, your pooch, and your pocketbook in order to help homeless pets!  More information can be found at the Autobody Fine Art Website - Dog Days 3/Pet-a-palooza .   

The Sketchbook Project

I'm very excited to announce that I will be participating in 2011 Sketchbook project hosted by The Brooklyn Art Museum and the Art House Co-op. It's a really exciting opportunity to experiment, stretch my creative brain and skills, AND to put it all out there!! Each artist picks a theme for their sketchbook, and needs to abide by that theme. However, they are allowed to push and pull the concept in whatever way they chose. Then, starting in February of 2011, the community of sketchbooks will go on tour to seven major US cities. People are allowed to look at these books at their leisure during the exhibit, and the artist can put them up for sale if they want to. Once the exhibit is over, the books are returned to the Brooklyn Art Library, where they will be a part of their permanent collection. I have chosen the theme "Storybook." In addition to this theme, I have given myself some rules. The #1 rule I have given myself is that I am not allowed to work from sourc

At the Zoo...

One of my favorite sites at the zoo (besides the animals) are the kids watching the animals. I'll never forget this moment when a group of kids surrounded the grizzly bear. He was so close, right up on the glass... and the kids were just fascinated! The connection between these wild animals and children are the best.