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One of the benefits of being an illustrator when you're planning a wedding, is creative freedom over all paper products! I had a great time designing these... there are a few special regulars on my e-maling list that should be receiving a hard copy soon! Want to see a little of my web design? Check out

Bedtime Stories - Gallery Opening

So I've decided to do a show featuring my Mattie Story artwork and a few other pieces. The show is called, "Bedtime Stories" since it's all about Children's books. I'm sharing the space with another kid's book author and illustrator, so it should be fun. I'm really excited to do this show! I'm hoping it'll be a good kick-start to trying to get my books published. It will be at the 688 Gallery in San Francisco. The exact address is 688 Sutter Street. The show opens on a Thursday, November 5, at 5:30. The opening will last until around 7:00 pm that evening. The exhibit will be up until November 30 in case folks miss the opening. Hope to see a lot of familiar faces there!!