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A Carrot for You!

I was recently asked to do this year's Holiday Greeting Card for the Palo Alto Humane Society . As everyone knows, humane and ethical treatment of animals is a passion of mine and being able to use my skills in order to help my furry friends was an absolute joy! Being a rescue animal theme, I based these particular animals on the pets from my childhood (all rescued from shelters or from the street) and few from the present! PAHS assists in rescuing animals including dogs, cats, horses, birds & bunnies. I wanted to include as many of these animals as possible in a classic winter scene. I am always fascinated with inter species relationships and I was thrilled to find numerous photographs of horses paling around with both dogs and cats! I've seen horses on numerous occasions nuzzle the barn cats here in California and the dogs interacting with the horses I used to work with in Illinois. Animals are so great at looking past their own differences, too bad we humans can'