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Moving on...

Hello Friends! Last time I wrote it was a very difficult time. Thanks to everyone who contacted me and showed me so much support after losing my muse and best furry friend. We still miss her but as the expression goes "life goes on"... and so it does. Things have been quite busy over this last year. Since starting the role as Art Director at Fox River Academy of Music and Art last summer, I have done a real push in marketing and we have seen quite an increase in participation! I'm so proud to be a part of a facility that brings unique art education to kids and adults in the area. This past year my Manga and Comic workshops have been very popular as well as traditional drawing. All of the instructors have been doing great.  We have some really fun and exciting summer camps to offer this year as well! If you are interested please check out the upcoming schedule: Summer Camps and Workshops . Clever Student Sketchbook Covers I'm also happy to report that our sket