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New Beginnings

It's hard to believe that 2018 has already whizzed by and here we are in 2019! The rest of the year was a whirlwind of change, challenges, and fun in our house. Alley Art Festival - Aurora, IL I decided to get out of the studio and into the public by trying my first series of artisan markets and events. I really enjoyed chatting with customers about my work and getting feedback. It was fascinating to see what people were drawn to and what they wanted to see. I don’t think I could have gotten such great insight to my clients in any other way. Heritage Prairie Farm Artisan Craft and Food Fair - Elburn, IL  During the summer, I participated in the Batavia Artisan Collective and The Alley Art Festival . Being in an outdoor venue is not without its challenges (wind, rain, extreme heat!) but each show my booth grew and changed. I loved figuring out the best way to feature my work. These shows were so much fun I continued throughout the fall and winter, partaking in