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School's Out for Summer!

I ended another great session with my Young Rembrandt art students a few weeks ago. During the spring we switched gears and did a class in cartooning! This proved to be really fun and challenging for the students. In addition to the traditional Young Rembrandt lessons in shape construction and composition, the kids learned about stylizing figures/objects and seqeuntial art. There was a lot of talk about Snoopy, Calvin & Hobbs, and many other classic cartoon characters. Especially with this sequential piece of a boy trying to fly a kite (and the kite ends up flying him!) We drew everything from figures to animals to personified food! I think the kids had a really good time with it all. Below are samples from our "crazy ice cream" characters! I even have a group of 3 sisters who had taken or were currently taking my classes who put together a "gallery" around their white board at home!! So fabulous! I also was so lucky to receive special gifts from a few st

Summer Fever!

As I come to the end of working on my coloring book series (finishing all 72 tight pencils and starting the inking process), and my elementary art classes drawing to a close, I feel the fever of summer brewing. I remember that itchy feeling of wanting to be outside, running in the grass with my barefeet, and how this season seemed to happen way too fast. To celebrate this time of year (and finishing all of drawings) here are a few tight pencils from "the weather" book. Enjoy!