What a Year

So it seems I’m destined to do a yearly post... Every year I say I’ll post more and every year I find myself posting once! LOL -  So this year I won’t apologize because I suppose it’s expected of me now. Hopefully in 2022 I can scrounge up a bit more time to get this blog back into shape! Until then, here we are! And WHAT A YEAR… 
Last time I posted I was only a month out of having major surgery on my hip (labral repair for those of you who are curious – not a replacement). It started out as a typical recovery and just went on and on… But with the help of amazing physical therapists, wonderful surgeons and a great acupuncturist I was finally released into the wild in May. My four month recovery turned into an eight month journey but at this point it’s obvious that all my hard work paid off!  I went from hardly being able to sit for more than 20 minutes, and barely walking to participating in three artisan markets, two art shows, and completing multiple portraits! I have to admit that I feel more like myself than I have in a long time (even with the Covid insanity that still surrounds us. )

My first adventure not long after my release from PT was at Buzz Café. A lovely establishment in Oak Park that has wall to wall art! I was so happy to have my work on the “featured artist” wall and it seems a lot of other people enjoyed it as well because I went home with only half the artwork I started with! Thanks so much to all of those patrons and the support of this art loving café.

At the end of the month I participated in my first Artisan Market since 2019. (Because of the torn labrum I was unable to haul my work/display into market venues and stand for long periods of time). I was so thrilled to be at my home base of Aurora in the Alley Art Fest and thrilled to be hosted by Vizo Arts at the one indoor space available! My hip was very happy it didn’t have to tolerate the extreme heat that day – but kudos to all the artists out there who did! It was a lovely low key market and I always enjoy the vibe at this one. It felt good to “be back” 

After this market the holiday season swooped upon me and I decided to bite the bullet and participate in two markets in November! My first market was the Firefly Artisan Market and this was my first time participating in this large affair! It took place at the DuPage County Fairgrounds and was hosted by the woman who also runs Firefly Candles - how she did it all I cannot begin to imagine! Everything was so organized and ran smoothly, and the patrons were lovely. I had a great time at this market and maybe next year I’ll graduate myself from the baby sized booth I rented! 

The next week I went back to one of my favorites, Artisan Craft and Food Fair at Heritage Prairie Farm in Elburn. I love the energy of this market, the beautiful tent and barn spaces, and the general welcoming feeling of both the hosts and all of the other creatives they have there. I was so happy I had enough energy to make it to both markets! 

Not only that… but I had some special help setting up at HPF and visitors who came to support me! I love seeing familiar faces in the crowd.. especially when one is my awesome kiddo. 

I rounded out the year at another show, at a lovely coffee house in Batavia, Limestone Coffee & Tea. This space is so cozy and warm… and the coffee is delicious! This show is actually still up until Dec. 31st so if you are in the neighborhood be sure to stop by… 

In-between all of these adventures my pet portrait business got a lot of attention! I was so thrilled with all of the lovely pups I got to draw and make into works of art. From little to big, scruffy, fluffy, and sleek… each one was absolutely unique. 

I am happy to report that I will be continuing to accept commissions. If you are interested in having a portrait done as a gift I highly recommend scheduling your portrait ASAP! My prices will be going up in January 2022 but if you contact me by January 8th and schedule your portrait I will honor my current pricing… don’t hesitate to reach out! 

So as you can see, it was a whirlwind of a year. Even though there was craziness and darkness out there… I felt the support and love for artists everywhere from the support at my shows, to the patrons at markets, to my pet portrait clients and my Etsy customers (where I also made record sales this year!). I personally want to thank each and every person who supported my work whether you commissioned a portrait, bought a print, or purchased a cute ornament for your tree… I appreciate every single one of you. And a special THANK YOU to my friends and family who supported me throughout this insane year, during my recovery and lifting me up help me get my sense of self back. I couldn’t have done it without you! 

Goodbye 2021, and hello 2022… here’s to more adventures in art.


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