Shoot for the Moon

I want to thank everybody out there who has given me so much support for my new children's art line. Things are running smoothly and I can't contain my excitement for this new avenue of work.

One thing that I love about this style is its versatility.  It looks great with so many different interior decor themes. To show this I've been creating "Inspiration Room Boards" on Pinterest.  They are a great way of envisioning my work in real life with pieces from a variety of retailers.  I would love to invite everyone to follow this board and get inspired!

I'm also happy to announce a new piece in my Starry Night Line - "Dog with Shooting Star".   I wanted a dog piece to complement "Kitties in the Stars" and I also loved the idea of a dog with his head in the wind embracing his love of life.  What better way to do that than on a shooting star?  It's a fun concept that could find a home in any children's rooms. This little guy would make anybody happy.

Shoot for the moon.
Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars.

This has been quite an adventure for the past month and I'm enjoying every minute of it. I have a sketchbook bursting with ideas and I can't wait to realize them all and share with everyone!


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