Goodbye 2016... Looking toward the future...

Well, 2016 was quite a year for the record books on many levels.  For myself personally, it was a year of growth, change, and positive creative endeavors. (Oh yeah, and the CHICAGO CUBS WORLD SERIES WIN! You have got to give this girl from Chicago her silver lining...)

I was so thrilled to have officially launched my nursery art line, Keller Kiddo Designs, both on my website and later on ETSY.  It took a long time of germinating and experimenting but once I made the decision it has been smooth sailing ever since. I find the ideas come easily and I have such a backlog of sketches that it is hard to keep up!  

Most recently I launched two new pieces right before the year ended both featuring mama/papa animals with their babies.  

Mama/Papa Wolf with Pup 

First I have an adorable wolf with a pup.  Wolf conservation is a passion of mine, and I thought what better way to convey the family culture of these misunderstood creatures to future generations than making some art dedicated to them.  This is great piece for a woodland or nature themed room. Something unique that you wouldn't find just anywhere. 

Giraffe Mama with Baby

For my "Jungle Fun" collection I have added what I call, the supermodels of the natural world, Giraffes. This sweet exchange between a mama giraffe and her calf is a great piece for any safari, zoo, or jungle themed nursery.

I will keep my commitment to the natural world and environment during 2017 by donating a portion of my business profits to The Sierra Club.  So far my sales have allowed me to honor my monthly pledge... here's hoping it continues to grow.

With the new year also comes a new group of workshops I am offering at The Fox River Academy of Music & Art.  This past weekend I was able to teach my first classic drawing workshop, Drawing with Light and Shadow.  This great lesson is an introduction to the theory of chiaroscuro and my students did great! The kids ranged from late elementary to high school and they were a wonderful group and handled the material really well considering their young ages. For the rest of the winter sessions I have more workshops in Children's Books, Greeting Card Design, and Figure Drawing. In the spring I will have a new series of workshops that focus on the Elements of Design with fun and educational projects for a variety of age levels.

Now that 2016 is in the past, I am looking towards the future. Hoping to create more work, teach more classes, and grow as an artist.  My daughter is now 4 years old and has a love of art that I am so proud to be able to nurture.  She loves to look at art and she loves to make art.  

We are just trying to make the world a better and more beautiful place... one drawing at a time. 


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