Lions and Puppies and Shows...Oh My!

It's been a busy and exciting start to the summer... First of all I'm so happy to announce my local gallery debut! I was thrilled to be able to participate in this month's First Fridays right here in my own backyard. The local gallery, If These Walls Could Talk, contacted me about participating in their June Group Show, The "J" Show, featuring artists with the first letter "J" in their name.  They did a beautiful job of hanging my work and displaying my prints for sale.  If you missed the big opening you can still come by the gallery and see my work. The show will be up until June 29th.  Don't miss it!

Gallery Opening with my Biggest Little Fan! 

I also have a two new pieces in my Keller Kiddo Designs art print line.  My first piece is from the "Playful Pups" Collection featuring a tiny and mighty Chihuahua and Dragonfly. Initially inspired by a friend who is a Chihuahua lover and just had a baby girl, I feel this piece speaks to all of the little ones out there who feel their size has nothing to do with their ability!

...And though she may be little, she is FIERCE! 

Next is a piece for my new "Jungle Baby" Collection. These are a couple of powerful girls... The Lioness and Cub. With plenty of male lions out there in the art world, I thought it was high time the Lioness was represented! This was also inspired by a mighty Leo Mama friend of mine and her new little cub.  I love this piece and think it could have a life in numerous venues. 


I am also happy to announce that I will be teaching illustration workshops starting this fall at The Fox River Academy of Music and Art. This is going to be a great opportunity for kids of all ages to learn a different genre of art.  I plan on offering workshops in both Children's Book and Decorative Illustration along with some Character Design classes.

I'm so thrilled about all of the avenues, events, and new work.  Keep posted for new pieces that will be launched before the end of the summer and other exciting news!


Carlene said…
I love your new pieces and I am excited to hear you are going to be teaching! I only wish we lived close enough to take a class or two! Best of luck!
JenKellerArt said…
Thanks Carlene!! The classes are mostly for kids and teens... but I'd let you in! You are a kid at heart... ;-)

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